Translation Condominium Apartment Ownership Title Deed

Translation Condominium Apartment Ownership Title Deed

A condominium unit title deed is a certificate of true ownership. A condominium (apartment) deed is the official document showing ownership of personal property according to the plan of the condominium and the percentage (according to the exact size of the unit) of joint-ownership in the common property of the condominium (percetage of ownership in land, gardens, halls, exterior walls, roof, etc). The condominium unit title deed is the ownership document issued and administrated by the competent official at the Land Department. The apartment title deed contains the following main particulars:



  1. Position of the land and area of the land of the condominium.
  2. Location, area and plan of the apartment showing the width, length and height.
  3. Ratio of ownership of common property.
  4. Name and surname of the person having the ownership of the apartment.
  5. Index for the registration of rights and juristic acts.
  6. Signature of the Competent Official.
  7. Position seal of the Competent Official.


Number of title deed copies

The condominium apartment unit title deed is made in duplicate, one copy is for the person having the ownership of the apartment while the other copy shall be retained at the land office (the office of the competent official). Below a general translation from Thai to English.



House/ condominium resident and address registration book 

Usually the house or condominium apartment house book in Thailand has a dark blue color. Only if the foreigner is the freehold owner of a condominium apartment and he meets the requirements for application a blue book can be exchanged for a a yellow house book (specifically for foreigners). Below the condominium apartment housebook with a yellow color.


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